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mandala of shrink film jewelry

It’s been a very busy and exciting week in my studio – I received my first wholesale order for my shrink plastic jewelry! At first I thought that “wholesale” might take the creative feeling out of my work. As I prepared the order, I was happy to find that I enjoyed the uniqueness of each piece that I created.



create necklace
“I am an artist … I am here to live out loud.”
– Emile Zola

in progress

Check out my latest post from Mandala Design Works:
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sick, tired, and productive

Check out my latest post from Mandala Design Works:
sick, tired, and productive | Mandala Design Works

a year of blogs

I belong to a collective of artists and healers who love life, creativity, and exploration. We are Mandala Design Works. As jewelry makers, painters, photographers, graphic designers, fiber artists, and musicians, we work in many media such as metal, paint, stones, fiber, sound, words, and other materials.

Together, we have been blogging for a whole year! Please read our blog where we take turns writing about our creative process, new projects, and much more.